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These Guys are awesome!! They loaded my garage filled with stacked files (about 50 boxes), toys, old furniture and other junk in less than 45 minutes. They even swept out my garage and put the leaves in the Trash. Great Service at a Great Price!!

Just Trash It! Junk Removal replied on 10-19-2010
Thanks - we were thrilled to get your stacked files to the recycling and shredding for you, as well. Always a pleasure to work with great clients!

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What is a Professional Organizer? How Can They Help Me With My Junk?

So, if you're like many people, you've resolved to get your junk picked up and organized.  This has likely happened many times: at New Years or during Spring Cleaning, in the dog days of summer, or the crisp fall air - the conviction you WILL clean out that garage, that basement - or better organize your house or office.  Still, it hasn't happened, has it?

So, who do you need to call?  When you want to get organized (and stay that way!) the call needs to go to your local NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) member.

We've worked with NAPO members throughout Atlanta and have been amazed at what they have been able to do in assisting napo logoclients in de-cluttering, organizing and proper-sizing their lives.  So, as we've come in to pick up the "leftovers" after a NAPO professional is done, we've asked those clients what makes a great organizer?  We wanted to pass it along to those who haven't yet had the experience.

In asking many questions, we've found the answers are as varied as the needs the client had, to the personality match they found.  Some organizers are keen on corporate clients, some love residential.  Some aid with aging-in-place couples, some will find closets, garages, basements and storage spaces to their liking.  Maybe you have collections, maybe you need someone to help you sort, assemble and make sense of your family heirlooms and memorabilia.  Or perhaps you know of or are someone who is battling OCD, depression or other challenges that can lead to hoarding and unhealthy or ungainly storage habits.

Whatever your need - whatever the type of person you are looking for - NAPO members run a wide gamut of specialties and personalities to help aid your task of organization.  One thing we've often heard is that most NAPO members will happily refer you on to another member if they think that member is best suited to your needs and wants.  In fact, we've rarely seen such collaboration between what is truly a competitive field.

One thing we've heard is that most clients speak with a few organizers before actually picking the one they want to work with.  One client told us, "you have to be ready to be honest with yourself and be assessed from a third party's perspective, one that is very different from your own.  I know I let go of a lot more than I ever thought I would, but after answering the questions, I felt good about WHY I was letting so much go."  The same client gave another great piece of "choosing" advice - "be sure that you trust and respect the person you are hiring; otherwise, you won't be able to hear anything they say to you."

Another client, who had moved from a 4,500 square foot home down to a 2300 square foot home, told us "be sure to be honest with the organizer about your habits, your reasons you aren't already organized and your expectations when the job is done.  I wasn't the first time and found I had to turn to another person to get me where I wanted to truly be, but it was my fault I needed two people - I wasn't honest with them - or myself."

When you are hoping to bring someone in to handle your organization project, whatever size it is, whatever it is for - you need some basic questions answered - here's a baker's dozen we recommend for you:

1.  What experience do you have?  Have you done a project anything like what I want done?
2.  What types of people do you work best with?
3.  What niche areas are you best at?
4.  How do you charge?
5.  Will I work directly with you?  Do you have staff I could also be working with?
6.  What does a typical working session look like from your side?
7.  What am I responsible for?
8.  Is there a contract?  Is it time based?  If so, what happens if we get "stuck" in the process?
9.  I'm not very good at being organized, as it seems.  What can you do to specifically help me improve?
10.  What happens if we disagree on items?
11.  What is your best-case client?
12.  What is your worst-case client?
13.  Could you please give some references?

Whatever else you do, be sure to act now, while this is all top of mind.  Contact NAPO, and then they'll call us (smiles!) or if you did it yourself and need to book an appointment, give us a call at 770 399 6602 or book online.


Good to know that more companies like yours are popping up. I am a member of NAPO and in the business of helping people organize by leading them to the right sources from my website TheOrganizationIndex.com
Posted @ Wednesday, November 17, 2010 8:05 PM by Judi Adams
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