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These Guys are awesome!! They loaded my garage filled with stacked files (about 50 boxes), toys, old furniture and other junk in less than 45 minutes. They even swept out my garage and put the leaves in the Trash. Great Service at a Great Price!!

Just Trash It! Junk Removal replied on 10-19-2010
Thanks - we were thrilled to get your stacked files to the recycling and shredding for you, as well. Always a pleasure to work with great clients!

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Bulky Junk Items - Pianos, Hot Tubs and Chest Freezers, oh my...


When you have large, bulky junk items that need to be removed from your home - pianos, hot tubs, pool tables, chest freezers, old large screen tv's - and so much more - many people feel they can "do it themselves."  However, there are issues with DIY removals - and here they are:

droppedpiano1.  Oftentimes, getting the items out of the house/off the deck is harder than you'd think.  While it is great to have friends over to help move some furniture or help do some work - removing a piano or a hot tub is much more lifting than most people are accustomed to.  We've seen and cleaned up after the aftermath of quite a few DIY removals - and it "ain't that pretty at all" to quote Warren Zevon.

2.  You're going to need a truck.....a large truck, most likely.  Simply put, most pickups will not handle a hot tub or a piano and smaller pickups sometimes won't fit chest freezers or old large screen televisions.

3.  Many landfills now require a commercial account.  If you don't have one, you don't dump.  Period.  Others, you can pay cash for the dump - but is almost always a minimum charge - of at least $40, and often much more if you have a heavy item.

4.  Husbands, friends and other folks are often not able to disassemble the hot tub, freezer, or piano to remove the metal and other recyclable materials - meaning that you are putting much more in the landfill than you would need to.  If this matters to you, it is another issue.

5.  Same thing goes for disconnecting the hot tub - you want someone who has experience with the water heater, with the electrical connections and with the water pumps - and how to properly disconnect those.  We've seen some disasters on the DIY side of unhooking hot tubs, as well.

6.  The potential for someone getting hurt with a large item being removed (especially if drinking is involved at all - as in "let's move this out after the game is over, and the beers are gone") is pretty high, honestly.  Not really worth the problems it can cause, when you can hire someone who is insured, bonded and ready to work.

All in all, there are a veriety of reasons to fill out our form and contact us about your bulky item removal needs.  Be it a freezer, hot tub, piano, or other bulky item (Playground Equipment, Trampoline, Treadmill, Pool Table, Ping Pong Table, Swingset, Sandbox, Chest Freezer, Refrigerator, riding mower, e-waste, computers, printers, monitors, game consoles, stereos, big screen and other tv's, fridges, A/C units, freezers, washers, dryers and hot water heaters)


How is business going for you?
Posted @ Tuesday, May 29, 2012 3:14 PM by junk removal Indianapolis
These are all great points! It really does not cost much more to hire a company than it does to do it yourself. when you consider gas, dump fees, maybe a truck rental, TIME, and chance of injury while lifting heavy items. Call a company that specializes in this stuff to make it nice and easy.
Posted @ Monday, April 08, 2013 9:16 PM by junk removal San Diego
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