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These Guys are awesome!! They loaded my garage filled with stacked files (about 50 boxes), toys, old furniture and other junk in less than 45 minutes. They even swept out my garage and put the leaves in the Trash. Great Service at a Great Price!!

Just Trash It! Junk Removal replied on 10-19-2010
Thanks - we were thrilled to get your stacked files to the recycling and shredding for you, as well. Always a pleasure to work with great clients!

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Bottled Water Problem Solves - less landfill, less poison, less junk


take back the tap logoOk, we admit it - complaining and reporting is the easy part - but how about some solutions?  We appreciate being able to be proactive and helping you take back your tap and eliminate the amount of water bottles ending up as junk removal and in the local trash heap or landfill.

So, we've scoured the web for some good articles to help you learn more as well as adding a few suggestions of our own below the links.  We hope you find them useful and encourage you to begin to employ them into your daily routine.

Check out what CBS News, Frankly Green, AboutMyPlanet and the Chicago Sun Times have to say and suggest.  tapped the movieThen, if you really want to learn more and see the underbelly of what's been called the greatest scam in the history of marketing - check out Tapped and Thirst, two films that may shock you - and certainly changed my habits - here's how I began:

1.  START SMALL : I bought a water filter pitcher for use in my house.  Although tap water is arguably not much different than bottled water, I can, without filtering, taste chlorine in the city water.  I try to use a stainless steel canteen at work and while hiking.

2.  RECYCLE WHAT YOU DO USE : Ok, so you may find yourself with bottles of water or other plastic cased drinks - be sure to recycle (and not put in the landfill) what you do use.

3.  DO IT FOR THE KIDS : Bottled water almost always has no flouride included - vital to healthy teeth and dental vitality.  Kids need flouride and water used to be how they got it - not so much anymore.

4.  RAISE AWARENESS AT WORK :  Ask to present a program about the effects of bottled water - and see if you can follow the lead of Salt Lake City and San Francisco in getting bottled water banned for purchase.

5.  EACH TIME YOU DON'T USE BOTTLED WATER : You are taking part in taking back the control of the water industry.  Yes, water is an industry, one monopolized more and more by a few worldwide companies.  If you want freedom in your life, don't risk one of life's few true neccessities to corporate interests.


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